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Conor Gearty's Challenge: Local Government

Posted by Daniel Regan (Admin) Mar 30, 2015 Posted in News and Videos

This week on our ConstitutionUK platform we invite you to further consider the 'Local Government' topic. Prof. Conor Gearty has posted the following ideas on the platform: 


Look out for these ideas under the Local Government topic on the platform. These are important questions so do get involved, tell us your ideas, comments and suggestions!

Don't forget that the ideas with the greatest number of VOTES will make it through to the next round!!      


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Gavin Russ says... Mar 30, 2015

Subsidiarity revolvers revolve  around a certain 'principle'  involving dealing issues relating to 'local citizens' with at the local level essentially. It is a form of social organisation, as I understand, the 'local' is to be 'supported' to be the more central authority (presumably the government).  Whilst initally persuasive, how can can the 'local' fund? There needs to be some sort of 'distribution' of all our monies on a development and need basis? So, local authorities can suggest housing needs in terms of social funding but the money e needs to be 'distributed' in a fair and consistent manner or procedure that enables all citizens can understand and that the mechanisms have been fiscally applied  .. Appropriately !!! I go on abut this ... Devolved powers/fiscal management need acceptance but ... What are to be the  criteria for success for the local 'citizen'! Finally, local initiatives might degrade down to a,complainers charter? Who shouts louder ... But what needs to get to be done, locally or nationally or in relation to the EU for examples 

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