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Refining Phase - Important Information

Posted by Malte Werner (Admin) Apr 4, 2015 Posted in News and Videos

We have reached the end of phase 1 of ConstitutionUK and want to express huge thanks to all of you who have been busy submitting your ideas, commenting and voting. What you have achieved is fantastic: 720 ideas, generating some 7200 comments, and well over 21000 votes cast - all in just a just a little over 10 weeks. It's been an incredible first phase and we are all really looking forward to the next. 
Starting at 1am: the refining phase
We have progressed all ideas with a positive vote balance (+1 or greater) to the refining phase. Idea submission is now closed. Here, we want to provide you with a brief outline and a little guidance for the next phase. It's fairly lengthy but contains some really important information about how this next phase will work and the critical role you have to play in ensuring its success. Please do make sure to read it carefully.
Voting in the refining phase
Voting remains, and is an important part of the refining phase. We are keen to ensure that only those ideas that have genuine support are progressed to the Constitutional Convention event. Your first phase votes have been carried over, and you are strongly encouraged to confirm your support, withdraw your vote, or even change your mind and vote against, during this phase.
In the first phase, your votes for an idea were an expression of your support for the idea in principle. In this second phase, your votes on ideas are equally a validation that the redrafted proposition is true to the spirit of the original idea submission and that a reasonable attempt has been made by the idea owner, to integrate the thoughts and feedback of the community that has debated and discussed it. Which, leads us neatly on, to the additional responsibilities idea authors have in the refining phase.
Idea authors – your responsibilities
If you are an idea author and you are successful in having one or more of your ideas progressed, then you have wider responsibilities during the refining phase. We would encourage you to think of yourself less as the author of the idea, and more the "owner" of the idea as it now resides within the community. You no longer need to convince other community members of the merits of your idea. Instead, we now ask you to work with the community to reduce your original submission to as concise a proposition as possible. What is the real essence of the idea? The core principle? This is what we are keen to see developed through this phase.
As an idea owner you will have a responsibility to the community to ensure that the comments and discussion from the first phase are taken into account when redrafting your idea. Our facilitators will be available to all community members to support and monitor the progress of the redrafting process.
Commenting on ideas
All comments have been reset for the refining phase. This is to ensure that lengthy conversations don’t discourage people from engaging and participating in this important second phase. Comments from the first phase remain available to all community members and are accessible by clicking on and returning to the first-phase archive. We hope that the process of integrating comments will be easier as a result of the introduction of points awards for voting and receiving votes on comments. Voting on comments is the mechanism by which you can indicate to an idea owner, what it is that you want to see prioritised and integrated into the redrafted ideas. Our facilitators are here to provide support to you if, for any reason, you have difficulty in integrating comments from the community.
And finally...
There may be instances where the original idea author is no longer active on the platform. It may also be the case that some users have been so successful in eliciting support for their ideas that their workload in this phase is unmanageable (we have a number of users who have submitted dozens of ideas). In these cases, we will enlist the help of one of our facilitators to take a more active role in the redrafting process. Wherever facilitators do take responsibility for an idea, this will be clearly communicated to the community. They also have clear guidance from us, that they are to approach any redrafting as objectively as possible, seeking only to summarise the original idea submission and integrate the most popular comments from the discussions.
Once again many thanks for your hard work so far; we are excited to progress to the next phase. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions, suggestions or comments.

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