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What is a Constitution?

Posted by Malte Werner (Admin) Jan 28, 2015 Posted in News and Videos
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After discussing Local Government in last week's edition of ConstitutionUK's weekly series, Professor Conor Gearty talks to Dr Andrew Blick, Lecturer in Politics at King’s College London to find out what exactly a constitution is.

What is the difference between a written constitution and an unwritten one?

What is the history and significance of Magna Carta (if any)?

Where do you fit in? Join the debate and share your ideas as we crowdsource a written UK constitution.

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Constitution UK – What is a Constitution?
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(Account removed) says... Jan 31, 2015

There is no difference they are both written, the English Constitution is just not in the same document, but in several.

A constitution and it's protective laws is a constitution and it's protective laws, whether all in one document or in several. I recommend that these two have a word with Constitutional expert Albert Burgess who has a larger library on the constitution than the House of Coomons.

Oh and while they are about it, they need to know that this whole constitutional project is treason.

John Z says... Jan 31, 2015

An unwritten Constitution is satisfactory for Judges, lawyers, and academics because they know how to research and find the relevant legal provisions that they seek.  However, that is not satisfactory for the average person who may not have the resources or skills to research these legal provisions.  As such, a written Constitution would be more user-friendly for the average person (who is the most important variable in the UK) because the most significant legal principles would be in one document.  The law is not just for the elites, but for everybody.   

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