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ITV News - 21st January 15 - Public to contribute to UK constitution

Posted by Noita Sadler (Admin) Feb 1, 2015 Posted in Constitution UK in the Media

Constitution UK's visit to Cambridge was covered by ITV News!

People in Cambridge are being asked to draft a new UK constitution.

It's to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The event is part of a 10-week internet project to give people a direct say on how the country should be run. It takes place at Cambridge University later today.

Human rights lawyer and IPA Director Professor Conor Gearty says the lack of a formal Constitution in the UK is the basis for the crowd sourcing project.

"With the public's help, we have already agreed on a set of values which will underpin a new Constitution. It is crucial that we get the views of ordinary people and not rely on academics or politicians to dominate the debate."

– Conor Gearty

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