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Europe and the UK. Have we lost our sovereignty to Brussels?

Posted by Noita Sadler (Admin) Feb 4, 2015 Posted in News and Videos
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After discussing the Constitution in last week's edition of ConstitutionUK's weekly series, Professor Conor Gearty talks to Dr Sara Hagemann, Assistant Professor at LSE's European Institution to discuss the EU and what impact it has on the UK and its sovreignty.

What are the differences between the European Commission and the European Parliament?

What goes on in these closed door meetings at Europe?

How does Brussels affect your life?

How easy is it to get UK sovereignty back? What exactly do we mean by ‘sovereignty’?

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Constitution UK: Europe and the UK. Have we lost our sovereignty to Brussels?
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jamus says... Feb 9, 2015

It is now known that the United Nations held a summit meeting in Rio in 1992 to draw up and introduce the ' Agenda for the 21st Century. ' This became the United Nations Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development. It was originally a non-binding agenda and has using the age old ' gradualism ' method of changing peoples behaviour embedded itself in this lands government. We now have every government department from top to bottom promoting and exercising this agenda. It has seeped into our education system and consequently has affected the new generations of children and there thinking ability. This agenda has steered future away from the past and is therefore beginning to show many cracks in its deliberations.

The European Union has been working hand in hand with the promoton of the United Nations Agenda 21. This agenda has an underlying ideology of bringing a world govenment to existence an idea that has been discussed for years and years. It appears the hierarchy pushing these plans is more and more brutish to make their United Nations Agenda 21 and world government become the reality. We see this with the United Nations and Nato surrounding and beating upon Russian borders and funding Non Governmental Organisations with billions of tax-payers money. For an originally non-binding agenda the United Nations Agenda 21 is now operational all over the world in as many as 170 countries. Here in Torbay the CEO when asked about the United Nations Agenda 21 told me he had never heard of it. I informed him that Torbay has been operating the United Nations Agenda 21 under the Local Plan which is actually fully titled the United Nations Local Agenda 21 since 2004. What we are dealing with here is a very strange phenomenem and I strongly recommend that all scholars look in to this. Most people working for this lands councils have little idea that they are unwittingly fulfilling the United Nations Agenda 21 operation every day thinking they are working for the Local Plan. 

The sovereignty of this land is not lost to the European Union but is being once again, using gradualism, diminished. If the people of this land are continually mis-informed as to what is really happening here then yes sovereignty will be completely lost as that is the aim of the United Nations One World Government agenda. We are at a point now where it is incredibly difficult for the people to have any influence on government, locally or generally. If this world government plan continues it will be impossible for the man-in-the-street to have one iota of influence. This general absence of knowledge about the United Nations Agenda 21 is frightening and I suggest all the facilitators involved in this project take in to consideration the effect this agenda is having on our sovereignty. It is not only being pushed unwittingly by young and keen Non Governmental Organisations, but greatly by common purpose graduates who have infiltrated many senior positions in government, judicial system, police service, universities and schools and National Health Service.

Our sovereignty is definitely under threat along with our inalienable rights.


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