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11th FEBRUARY - Constitution UK comes to Nottingham: Should Europe be at the heart of our UK constitution?

Posted by Noita Sadler (Admin) Feb 5, 2015 Posted in Events

Calling all residents of Nottingham and the surrounding areas! We are coming to the Adams room, Nottingham Conference centre to ask you Should Europe be at the heart of our UK constitution?

Wednesday, 11th February 2015


Refreshments will be available from 11.30. We advise you to arrive by 12pm and filming will commence at 12.30. Filming will last one hour and the event will close at 2pm.

This is free to attend but you can register to secure your place.


We want to ask you residents of Nottingham your thoughts on Europe.

  • Are we a subset of Europe or is there something special about us?
  • What does UK membership of the European Union mean for our UK constitution?
  • Should we leave? Can we really be a sovereign nation while EU law takes precedent over our own?


This event will be a 'Big questions' style event where you will get to ask questions and debate with others.

Professor Conor Gearty, Director of LSE's Institute of Public Affairs will be your host. We have invited all political parties and will currently be joined by

Antonia Zenkevitch,  Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Nottingham East

Katharina Boettge, Green Party PPC Nottingham North

David Hollas, UKIP PPC Nottingham South


This event will be filmed and used as a resource for the International relations discussion on the Constitution UK crowdsourcing platform. Please note that by attending you are consenting to be filmed.

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