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Your vote - is it wasted?

Posted by Noita Sadler (Admin) Feb 13, 2015 Posted in News and Videos
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After discussing the Constitution in last week's edition of ConstitutionUK's weekly series, Professor Conor Gearty talks to Professor Simon Hix, Professor of European and Comparative Politics at LSE to discuss the electoral systems in the UK and what happens to your vote.

What exactly does First-Past-the-post mean?

How are your representatives elected? Is it democratic?

What alternatives there are to the current system?

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Constitution UK – What happens to your vote?
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Tom Austin says... Feb 19, 2015

The difficulty in responding to an array of topics is that the last thing mentioned is the first thing on the mind. Yet if that is the way it is, that is the way to go.

-Compulsory Voting.

A step too far, the leaned professor opines, but had the converstaion began with this topic what might have changed in the discussion of the topics that follwed?

Quite a bit, I'd hazard to guess.

For, once you knew that vote-you-must, would not the issue of quite what to vote for supercede the question of who/which Party to vote in favour of?

One other thing I am exercised about that was 'dealt' with is: Online Voting.

The one cherished gem in our democratic-diadem is 'trust', and such trust is tied-in strongly with Polling Stations, voting booths, ballot papers, independent overseers & Party-driven overseers and the correlation of the voter and ballot paper printed numbers. Not to mention the involvement of the Courts in disputes.

Voting other that in person has suffered recently:Radio phone-in competitions and the X-factor.

Where, oh where, would we get any checks and balances with an electronic system?

Simon Wood says... Feb 25, 2015

On the last point I think what Simon Hix is saying is that this is not beyond the wit of man. i find it inconceivable that we would not be voting online in the foreseeable future. I'm prepared to trust my hard-earned money to an online account so why wouldn't I trust my vote? it's just a matter of having the imagination to make it happen in a way that the electorate can trust. The truth is the manual voting system is just as prone to fraud as any other as has been seen with postal voting in the very recent past

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