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LIVE Q&A with Professor Conor Gearty! THIS THURSDAY, 26th FEBRUARY 13:00-14.00. Does Europe have a place in our constitution?

Posted by Noita Sadler (Admin) Feb 24, 2015 Posted in Events

Ever wondered just how easy is it to leave the European Union? Does our membership mean that the UK Parliament is no longer sovereign? Are we in fact governed by Europe? What exactly is the European Convention on Human Rights? If we left the European Union, could we still be protected by this convention or would we need a new Bill of Rights?

For one hour Professor Conor Gearty, Director of the Institute of Public Affairs and Professor of Human Rights Law will take your questions on Europe. He will be joined by John Springford, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

To tune in please click through the link below to watch the live stream. Get involved by posting your questions to our panel.

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