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Europe: In or Out? The Debate (Part 1)

Posted by Daniel Regan (Admin) Feb 27, 2015 Posted in News and Videos
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Professor Conor Gearty hosts Constitution UK's event in Nottingham where we asked Nottingham residents should Europe be at the heart of our UK constitution? Listen to part 1 of the public discussion on the European Union.

Antonia Zenkevitch,  Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Nottingham East

Katharina Boettge, Green Party PPC Nottingham North

David Hollas, UKIP PPC Nottingham South

Mike Abiodun Olatokun, Community Officer, Nottingham University

Look out for part 2 where they will discuss the European Convention on Human rights

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Europe: in or out? The Debate (Part 1)
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Stephen Thomas says... Mar 17, 2015

The debilitating internal debate on ‘Britain in Europe’ is simply a reflection of the country’s right-of-centre forces which are still – after more than 70 years - trying to come to terms with ‘loss of empire’.  Linked to this, the injustices of Britain’s so-called democracy with its unelected head of state; unelected members of a governing legislature; unbalanced media and a voting system that fails to reflect the democratic will of the people.

The European Union is not perfect. But it has maintained peace between its most powerful nations since 1945 and has, over that time, provided opportunities for, and raised the living standards of, the vast majority of its citizens. Britain is an important part of Europe and we must stop trying to become the 51st state of the world’s most destructive economy and engage with our fellow citizens in Europe. If Britain invested its energy, talent and intellect in working closely with Europe then together we would benefit with improvements to democracy, justice and equality across the whole continent. Britain, outside of Europe, will never achieve such goals and, if anything, would accelerate the gross inequalities and injustices we live with in Britain today.

P.S. I voted ‘yes’ in the June 1975 referendum and would vote ‘yes’ again to remain within the EU for the sake of my children, (possible) grand-children and The Planet.

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