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Event: Socio Economic Rights and the Constitution

Posted by Daniel Regan (Admin) Mar 12, 2015 Posted in Events


Where: LSE New Academic Building, Room 1.04, London, 54 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LJ.

When: Wednesday 25th March, 6.30 - 8pm 


ConstitutionUK is joining forces with Unlock Democracy's Unlock Magna Carta project to co-host our next event. This time we’re bringing together local community groups from across London to discuss socio-economic rights: what are they, why do they exist and should they be included in a written constitution for the UK?

Join us for a Big Questions style of debate - raising questions, discussing and debating with others in your field.

  • Should the right to work be included in a codified constitution?
  • Is the right to education as important as the right to free speech?
  • What does it mean, in practice, to have the right to adequate housing?
  • How could the incorporation of socio-economic rights have an impact on people here in London?


Come along, have your say and take part in this national debate. The event is free to attend, and parts of the session will be filmed.


Register here to join our event!


ConstitutionUK is an initiative by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) at LSE to crowdsource a new written codified constitution for the UK. Using an innovative online platform,, the IPA is asking the British public for their ideas, comments, suggestions and votes on what should be included in a new constitution for the UK. The ‘ideation’ phase of the online element of the project will remain open until 5 April. Subsequently, the ideas and suggestions generated on the online platform will move to a refining stage. This phase will culminate in a constitutional convention which will be held at LSE on 22 April. Using the content from the online platform the top 20 participants, together with constitutional experts, will draft a new constitution for the UK.

Unlock Magna Carta is a series of at least 12 local events across the UK to spark a national debate on the legacy of Magna Carta and its current relevance. It involves lectures, talks, study sessions, arts projects, workshops and theatre performances, giving people in different places the opportunity to engage with the themes of Magna Carta and create their own Charter for the 21st Century.

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Cosimo Montagu says... Mar 25, 2015

Very interesting thank you!

John Robertson says... Apr 11, 2015 - the right to national insurance - is related too I think. The idea that those who pay VAT or income tax have some right to unemployment benefit or housing benefit to be paid out of a specific fund over a generation or more - not to have it treated as a kind of present or bonus given by a generous taxpayer at whim.

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