ConstitutionUK - Crowdsourcing the UK Constitution

How to get Involved


ConstitutionUK is an ambitious two year project which aims to crowdsource a UK constitution.

We have been focusing on 11 major areas that a UK constitution would have to cover. Over the past three months we have asked the public to add their own ideas, as well as vote and comment on ideas which have already been submitted.

We are now in the refining phase

*Please note since this video was made, we will now have 30 community champions to the Constitutional Convention due to changes made during Voting week.

How it works

During this stage of the process, we are asking community members to look again at the ideas they have submitted and if necessary redraft them so that they can be easily inserted into the draft constitution. We will not be accepting any new ideas at this stage.

Ideas that were submitted during the previous stage which had an approval rating of zero or less have not been included for refining. You can still read an archive of them for reference.

In the first instance, the authors of the original ideas which have been shortlisted will be invited to redraft them. Any proposal not altered by its original author within three days (from 8 April onwards) will be subject to being redrafted by one of our facilitators. The authors will continue to be able to redraft and refine the ideas throughout the period - we want the finished ideas to be as robust as possible.

Both voting and comments will be reset; as with the rejected ideas, an archive of the the old votes and comments will still be available for reference.

For more details please visit 

The refining process will end on Sunday 19 April. All proposals that have a positive vote score at the end of this stage will be included for consideration by the Constitutional Convention on Wednesday 22 April.

We expect everyone to abide by a code of conduct (in short: treat each other with respect) and each topic has two facilitators to review the comments made by the community.

Why get involved?

The future of the constitution in the UK is a live political issue. ConstitutionUK is a major contribution to that debate. The more people who get involved, the stronger it will be.

The top 30 participants on the leaderboard will be invited to represent the crowd at Constitution UK's Constitutional Convention in London in April. These will be the Community Champions sourced from the crowd and Constitution UK will pay for their travel expenses (within the UK for up to £100) to London. They will take part in the process of putting together the written codified constitution that will be presented to Members of Parliament. To make sure you're one of those 30 you need to participate!

Please note:

The online crowdsourcing stage of the project is now closed.

This website will remain in an archived state and will be read only. For more information about the videos and the journey of Constitution UK from start to finish, video content and its findings, please visit  where you will be able to access the final draft of the crowdsourced constitution.

To contact the host of Constitution UK for any information regarding this project please contact The Institute of Public Affairs at