Localism vs Nationalism

It's the last week of the first phase of the project and thanks everyone for your contributions so far.

The devolution debate in the UK is often hindered by differing interpretations of the main underlying principle of devolving power. Mainly, is the principle of devolution about bringing more power and decision making to a local level or is it about reinforcing the national or sub-national identities within the UK? A big aspect of this debate is whether England should be regionalised or not, a subject which has been a topic of frequent debate in this forum. I may be generalising but I imagine proponents of the localist view of devolution support regionalisation while proponents of a more (sub)nation-based view of devolution oppose this. Another aspect of the localist-nationalist debate can also be seen in discussions surrounding the hyper-centralisation of local power in Scotland since devolution was introduced with Holyrood dis-empowering many local councils.

Resolving this debate is an important part of progressing the devolution discussion in my view. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. Perhaps we could also gauge what people's overall views are via the voting mechanism. I support more of a localist view of devolution within the UK (regionalisation, empowering local councils below devolved institutions etc) so perhaps if you agree you could vote thumbs up and those who disagree thumbs down.

Michael Ward Apr 11, 2015

I'd suggest a simple refinement for this (simple) idea: "Devolution of power within the United Kingdom is based on the principles of subsidiarity and localism." Let me know what you think through comments and the voting mechanism.

Malcolm Ramsay Apr 13, 2015

Looks good to me. Should it also refer to tax-raising powers?