No Taxation Without Representation

If I may borrow and put a new spin on the American (and Irish) slogan as a grievance against London for collecting taxes on the public but without adequate representation of the people and how their tax money is spent, this proposal will give individual taxpayers (not corporations or any other non-human entity) more of a say in how their tax money is spent. 

Basically with this proposal, when people file their income tax returns, the tax return form will have a column of different general categories of spending programs (such as military, policing, education, NHS, housing, transportation, general fund, etc…), and the person can specify how they want their own specific tax money spent, and what percent of their own tax money going towards these general categories/category.  For instance, if a person is liable for taxes in the amount of £10,000, they can specify that they want it applied to one category or multiple categories, and what amount per category.  When all of the tax returns are collected, there would be a tally of the results of all of the income tax returns, and Parliament would prepare the following year’s budget based on the results.  This way, taxpayers can’t say that Parliament is spending their money in a manner against their wishes.

So, now the downsides to this proposal.  1)  This can result in entitlement programs not being funded despite legislation mandating that they be funded.  2)  People who pay more in taxes will have a greater say in how their own money is spent.

This proposal has no chance of passing, but it does make for an interesting debate.  The current system gives all people the same voice (as it rightly should be);  but does the current system give a greater voice per pound as a ratio to those who pay less tax money into the system?  In other words, the person paying £1,000 in income tax has an equal say to how taxpayer money is spent as the person paying £10,000 in income tax.  As a pure numbers game, is that fair?  (Again, this is a mere academic question).

Any thoughts?

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