Honor Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Freedom

In the Preamble to the Constitution, I would have a small
statement that honors those who gave their lives fighting for
the freedoms that the people have today.  I would state: 
“We hereby honor and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives fighting for freedom and against tyranny, for the rights
that we cherish today.  And but for their sacrifice, we would be
living under tyranny today.”         
The significance of this statement is to remind people that the
“rights” we so cherish (and some take for granted) are not “God-given” rights and thus just assumed that those “rights” are
“rights” that all people are born with, rather these are “rights “
in which people fought for and died for to achieve.  We often
credit political philosophers/politicians for these rights (such as Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, etc…),
but all of these people would have been a mere footnote in
history if the war(s) that fought for these “rights” and freedoms had been lost.  So proper credit shall go to the men and
women who fought for freedom and who achieved that
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