A New Parliament for a New Era

I adore history, so it pains me to say this, but I feel that the House of Commons in no longer fit to hold our government. This isn't just because it's in constant need of very expensive repair, but because it's very nature is detrimental to our government. Before you think I'm overthinking things, hear me out.

Our House of Commons is not designed like most of the parliaments of Europe, but instead has two sets of benches opposite each other - an echo of the previous house, where the benches were in fact choir stalls. This is not only unfit for use in that there physically isn't enough room for all of our MPs, but is bad in that it creates an oppositional atmosphere in the house that breeds the bad conduct you'll see in there on TV. By making the opposition and government directly face each other all the time, you incite the type of unproductive shouting matches that typify parliament. Other parliaments across the world, with their semi circular designs, have less of a problem with this.

On top of this, there's a case for the grandeur of the Commons being a bad thing - for all of our public school politicians (and bear in mind that's 33% of MPs, speaking before the general election in 2015) it's like a homecoming - a throwback to the chapel in Eton, rather than a neutral place for the workings of government to happen in. This not only helps to increase the general bad conduct but also creates a sense of undue belonging that in my mind fuels their poor behaviour - to them, it seems more like their school debating society than a serious chamber of government in which they should be having proper discussion rather than political point scoring matches. 

Now, this is of course ignoring the fact that the House of Commons is highly dilapidated and doesn't even fit all of our MPs. I therefore propose to move the Commons to a new building, with a more modern design that will properly suit its purpose.

Mark Cooke Apr 14, 2015

I sympathise with idea,  but I can't see how this is a matter for consitutional provision.