MPs should have parliamentary constituency offices

MP are currently supported by civil servants at Westminster. MPs should also have a civil service funded office in their constituency for their duties associated with their duties as an MP.( but not political activities). Likewise they should be A Parliamentary Hotel for MPs rather than paying varying fees for their own homes. Likewise a warrant card system could be issued for travel between their constituency and parliament.

Mark Cooke Apr 13, 2015

How can the duties of an MP exclude 'political activities'?

Beyond the ethical code proposed elsewhere, I'm not clear how the rules for funding MPs expenses can belong in the constituion; surely they are too detailed a matter?

Tom Austin Apr 13, 2015

I'm all for this Ian, except that it makes more sense to me that these offices should be 'centrally located', 'Parliamentary' offices, government supported and staffed.

Mark, should party-politicking be on the cards, MPs can use whatever spaces are available to them IN their respective constituencies.


The Rules concerning MPs expenses were perfectly all right, for 'Honourable' Members. Also, there are other changes afoot. [Not least the huge pay-hike that is on the cards.]

Tom Austin Apr 13, 2015

P.S. Of course, these offices would be for the use of all the neighbouring MPs, irrespective of Party or none.

Mark Cooke Apr 14, 2015

I'm not sure what the point is here -  are you trying to ensure MPs are adequately resourced,  or are you concerned to control spending?

It's mistkaento think that a bright line can be drawn between 'party politics' and 'other duties' - the job of an MP is to represent their constituents,  which is inherently political.   If someone contacts an MP to support or oppose a policy,  how can the response not be 'party political'.




Tom Austin Apr 14, 2015

Could we then draw a line at Electioneering?

I'm not sure what has happened to the original proposer, but he and I differ, as can be seen. In that I have long envisaged that Central Government (i.e. Parliament) should have a permanent presence within our communities - such that the public might not feel isolated. I rather muddy this up by linking it to Multi-MP 'local' public-forums. This, I'd hoped, would allow many of the other proposals concerning the 'new' relationship between Citizen & Parliament to have a setting.

Mark Cooke Apr 14, 2015

This all seems too detailed to include in a constitutional provision to me.

Can we really not trust a reformed Parliament to set sensible arrangements for supporting their own work?

Ian Hodgson Apr 14, 2015

The idea was to resource MPs in their constituencies with civil service staff. The offices would be part of the Parliamentary estate and they would be staffed with civil servants. With regard to the comment everything is political civil servants already recognise the difference between implementing and supporting ministers in government and their other ' political Activities' political machinations . The aim is that MP have staff resources both at Westminster and in their constituencies. These may be shared with other MPs if there were multi member constituencies or with MEPs. It would also end the use of family members being paid for unspecified work as these civil servants would work for Parliament and would have job description rules etc laid down by parliament  probably through the Clerk to the House or whatever body runs the parliamentary estate. Scotlands parliament has such a body that was set up in the legislation that created the Scottish Parliament.

In terms of the constitution a clause to the effect should suffice

MPs shall be resourced with offices and staff both at Parliament and in their constituencies. This shall be provided by and under the supervision of the parliamentary Estate.

Tom Austin Apr 14, 2015

Hi Ian H,

Constituencies are liable to change shape, and depending on some new form of election could grow exponentially.

Would you consider, "...both at Parliament and locally." (?)

Ian Hodgson Apr 14, 2015

Tom that would work but I assume by the end there would be some idea of the electoral system being used .