Just had a search for "Lobbying" and currently nothing mentioned on it. 

I think the constitution should provide some provisions improving the transparency of lobbying given what a fundamental impact it has on the Government's decision making, and how much has been written about the primacy of the people in other sections of the constitution.

An obvious mechanism for this could be a register of lobbyists and lobbying activities, but these open to obvious abuses. Another mechanism could be published diaries of all elected officials. I don't think a ban on lobbying is feasible (or necessarily right). All suggestions on this welcome.

Apologies for the tagging, but aware this one is a little late in the day so would be good to get some thoughts.

Debra Storr Apr 5, 2015

Diaries of the elected maybe - but what about lobbying of officials.  And the revolving door between the private sector and the public sector.  

Of course it's useful to have input from the real world : but if a lawyer involved in say compulsory purchases helps write the regulations, you have to question biases.  

please see D McCarty's book The Prostitute State for details.  

John Z Apr 5, 2015

Perhaps elected officials must keep records of all meetings and the nature of all meetings, but only the meetings with non-human constituents (lobbyists, corporations, unions, etc...) be public record.  (Individual constituents should have privacy regarding a meeting with an MP).  Similarly, lobbyists should keep a record of all meetings with MP's AND the nature of each meeting, and these records too be public record.  Failure to comply shall be a crime subject to fine/sanction, and for repeat offenders there shall be prison.  By making both of these public record, it should diminish shenanigans committed by politicians and lobbyists.

Cosimo Montagu Apr 11, 2015

Thanks John - agreed on the diaries + that they are of public record. I don't think we can include criminal sanctions in the constitution however?

Mark Cooke Apr 17, 2015

What has this got to do with constitutional amendments? It belongs in the Parliament section doesn't it.