Which model? Vote Yes for Irish Model

The way I see it, there are three models for an elected president; the American, Irish and French. Comparing a Country to a company, with the American model the Chairman (ie the pres) is also the Chief Executive. With the Irish Model, the Chair and the Chief Executive (the Taoiseach, or PM) are totally separate. All meaningful power is executed by the PM. The French model is a bit of a  mélange, with some powers executed by the Pres and some by the PM.

on balance, I prefer the Irish model. I think having a separate chair and Chief Executive is a good thing, preventing potential megalomania from an all powerful President. I think the French model is a bit messy. All three are elected of course and better than the status quo, but if we want an elected head of state we must decide which model to follow.

 Please vote yes if you agree and would like to adopt the Irish model of a mainly ceremonial president / head of state, with the 'Chief Executive' remaining as the Prime Minister.

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Ruobing Wang Apr 5, 2015

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