Two Heads of State

The UK could:

- Have a new elected or fairly appointed head of state to act as the guardian of our constitution, meet and greet foreign heads of state, to sign treaties and so on; and

- Simultaneously create a new purely ceremonial role for the monarchy devoid of all political power and influence, prerogatives and immunity from the law of the land, tasked with responsibilities such as charity work

(If you have followed my ideas, you will have seen I favour abolition of the monarchy and/or abolition of the constitutional role of the monarchy in the UK.  I am however a realist, which I think you will see from my posts, and if in the short term it is inexpedient or impossible to abolish the monarchy then this idea would I think be the next best thing.  I am sure that even the most ardent monarchists ought to see some merit in the separation of roles suggested here, which would help avoid discontent and constitutional crises.) 

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