funny symbols for tourists

Public buildings often display a lion and a unicorn holding a shield - the family emblem of the head of state.

New buildings, I think, should have two bonobo apes holding the shield. or perhaps a bonobo and a dog. This doesn't need a constitutional change or any extra work a cost - just a minister who commissions a public building to request it.
(The head of state may choose to change the emblem too).
I think this quirk would attract tourists and reflect a secular cheeky British culture that likes animals.

Bonobo apes are very lewd, by the way, as you probably know,

Feedback is that this is frivolous, which it is but it's free: no constitutional reference needed - just a minister to say "can we have a different symbol on this new building please?"

There is a serious point that the lewd and earthy side of UK culture doesn't get enough credit. I'm not cool enough to go to nightclubs, but that side of life.

Large amounts of money have been spent promoting "Cool Brittania" by the Blair regime. Even playing Rolling Stones music at diplomatic events.

Large amounts of people who behave in rock-star ways have been branded as "Yobs" who take their shirts off in public, or pick their own fashion sense, or do frivelous things in public.

Councils often use planning law to discourage bonobo-like behaviour in clubs.

Imagine if you were in court for something yobbish, and there were bonobos above the judges chair in the court room. Could it promote justice?

edited on Apr 3, 2015 by John Robertson
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