Zero tariffs for Bangladesh to help them develop? Or a proper welfare state there first?

  • EU countries and members of trade zones get free trade with the UK
    Trade zones are ever-expanding. One MEP told me that Mexico would be considered because it was a democracy. The recent government wanted China to join a free trade szone/

    Also the poorest countries like Bangladesh can get free tariff access in the hope that it helps them develop.

  • I want more conditions attached to the deal.

    If a country has nothing like a welfare state - not even healthcare or secondary schools for girls - then I think that families there will be very large, wages negligable and pressure to migrate to Europe very high. I think the rich in those countries will do very well. They get nearly free labour, and incoming aid. They can even afford to divert government money to export subsidies in Bangladesh.

  • I want any system that links tariffs to good things in other countries, primarilly for the sake of people here who want to run factories or get jobs, but also for the sake of people in Bangladesh or wherever.


Trade zones - customs unions of low tariffs.

The state shall discourage zero-tariff customs unions with incompatible economies, taking the interests of both sides into account but mainly the interests of the UK.

  • Goods cheap for lack of a welfare state in the other country shall not be allowed a zero tariff

  • Goods cheap because of a high birth rate and competition for jobs in the other country shall not be allowed a zero tariff, taking into account the country's ability to reduce the birth rate by introducing a welfare state.

  • Goods cheap for lack of human and job-specific rights in the other country shall not be allowed a zero tariff

  • Countries with poor human rights records shall not be allowed a zero tariff regardless of economic factors.

  • Countries with poor social insurance and poverty-reduction systems shall be encouraged to change if they are to receive aid.

State representatives

  • State representatives shall represent a state of individuals with individual beliefs and individual rights in law. Representatives will not condone poor human rights nor any morality that is loyal to a group such as a race or faith group or state.

  • State representatives shall represent a state with social insurance and avoidance of poverty. Representatives will not condone economies with no social insurance and obvious poverty, nor export subsidies, nor encourage them to flood our markets with cheap goods until these countries sort themselves out.
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