Democratically Future-Proofing the Constitution

In addition to having a process by which the text of the new constitution can be amended, interpretation can be changed in the Supreme Court. When the new constitution is written, annotation on different clauses will tell the courts how the text should be read. If the Supreme Court wishes to change that interpretation, they may do so, but before the interpretation is enacted, a simple referendum will have to take place which will have to contain the part(s) of the constitution in question, the old interpretation, the new interpretation, and an explanation of the potential effects of changing or leaving the interpretation, especially as it relates to the current case the court is reviewing.

If a majority of the vote is yes, then the Supreme Court will decide on the case according to the new interpretation, if no then the Supreme Court will have to decide using the old interpretation.

This has the benefit of allowing the new constitution to stay relevant centuries later without significant textual revision, but prevents a small group of people from having absolute power over this process. In addition this method of changing the constitution will be significantly limited thus limiting the potential for abuse while also letting change happen relatively quickly and easily.

Thanks to IanSmith and ScepticOptimist for providing the discussion needed for me to come up with this idea, especially ScepticOptimist.

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