For any person with evidence of harm to any part of society, an automatic right to its publishing

A person claims to have evidence that any policy or method of delivering a service is capable of having harmful or dangerous outcomes for some of the people who it is done to, which are not widely recognised already. Any person who claims this should have an automatic right to their evidence's publishing, on paper, accompanied by mentioning in the media.

It can then be responded to on the merits of its content. It's not a right to have what they are saying taken as right, it's a right to have it heard and not go ignored.

The idea comes from my awareness that some authoritarian methods of enforcing school work, and in social sevices responses to school troubled kids, can put kids in impossible unsurvivable traps where adults can hold them to have abilities they do not have and nothing they can do will be accepted as right, and folks concerned about this can't make any of the parties or the media acknowledge the issue and include it in politics about education. As a result, even in an era that thinks it's the hottest ever on child safety, the details of a danger that can ruin their lives have gone unheard and out of public awareness for over 30 years. Scottish petition PE5's rejection showed openly that the petitions system there was not a solution to ths.

The internet is not a solution either, because anything published online is at the mercy of web hosting companies deciding to take it down. It has been a convenient myth for the system to claim that the web is a new place of free publishing, when in fact these companies can still pull the strings. Website hosting companies tend to take down and not allow publishing of any descriptions of bad practices by anyone identifiable, on the argument of protecting themselves from libel risks, and they impose that in a catch-all way without looking at whether claims made have been fully evidenced hence are not libellous. As a result, they veto exposings of important but unrecognised scandals, perpetuating the oppression of the folks trying to expose them.

So to have a permanent existence that can't be wiped from existence by business interests aligned against it, the type of evidence I am talking about still has to be published in physical paper form. Any availabilty online has to be extra to that, not instead. And the public have to know that these items are being published. So there has to be a type of parliamentary office which each person with an item to publish comes to and registers their claim to it, and everyone can look up the register of what items are getting published in this way and any government replies to them.

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