Abolish the House of Lords

A democratic constitution should have no place for an unelected legislature.

John Hully Apr 5, 2015

The sticking point for abolition is the assumption there must be some form of bicameral legislature. However, a more efficient and effective solution might be to replace the House of Lords with an Office of Parliamentary Scrutiny, incorporating the functions of the Office of National Statistics. 

Such an Office would act as Programme and Service Management Offices, compiling, checking, and publishing authoritative data and providing this to the public; providing programme and project management support to legislators and government Departments.

James Doran Apr 7, 2015

As long as it was not a legislative body, that would be agreeable.

Jake Wellman Apr 13, 2015

JamesDoran, do you have an idea for what the text submission for this idea could look like?


-JWellman, moderator

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Malcolm Ramsay Apr 16, 2015

As far as I can see, the only other proposals for Lords reform which made it past the cut are:

    A smaller parliament: https://constitutionuk.com/post/80237  (currently +6)
    Replace the House of Lords with a people's jury: https://constitutionuk.com/post/80312  (+3)
    Randomly Selected Upper Chamber: https://constitutionuk.com/post/83221  (-3)

The first proposes that members of the Upper House be appointed by (elected) regional assemblies which, to my mind, would count as indirectly elected. The other two are also not strictly elected but are representative in different ways. I suggest that all of them are essentially compatible with the spirit of this one, in which case this one wouldn't need any specific text.

Jake Wellman Apr 17, 2015

To finalise this proposal, let's assume that a vote for this idea is a vote for the proposal to "abolish the House of Lords, with the House of Commons as the only house in Parliament"

Malcolm Ramsay Apr 18, 2015

People interested in the other possibilities need to know that votes on this one will be taken as votes for a single-chamber system.

Personally, I don't see how any system can work effectively without some integration between the different levels so I'm supporting ScepticOptimist's proposal: https://constitutionuk.com/post/80237