Obligation to Tackle Climate Change

Forget ideologies and party politics, we have a moral duty to come together in unity and do all we can to minimise what is to become the defining issue of our lives: Climate Change.

We need to put in place a framework which gives the tools and accountable obligation to those in power to tackle an issue that if not dealt with, could become an ireversible and fatal threat to our futures.

This is about action on climate change: Ensuring those in power cannot make it a side issue, ignored, and feebly discussed in a half empty parliament. Achieving government must also mean shouldering the responsibility of setting out a sustainable environment, cutting down on fossil fuels and investing in a cleaner future for us and every generation to follow.

If this is not addressed, it has the potential to make other concerns seem utterly trivial, so let us take this incredible opportunity to set in writing the obligation to positive action in tackling our greatest challenge yet.

edited on Jan 22, 2015 by Abel McLinden
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