Constitutional ban on nuclear weapons

The Scottish government suggested that an independent Scotland would prohibit, in its constitution, the production, maintenance, or use of nuclear weapons. This idea needs to gain traction across the UK. It should not have taken a referendum on the break-up of the Union to make people question why we need to renew Trident, or why we need to be a part of NATO (the SNP wanted to remain part of NATO, other independence groups deplored this idea). 
I think a lot of people in Britain want the country to break free from an imperial mentality - our constitution needs to reflect this.

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Daniel Gaunt Apr 5, 2015

Can I suggest the following:

i) The ban should also cover chemical, biological and cluster weapons.

ii) This provision sits conveniently under a general restriction on military activity. Therefore, I wonder if this would be best combined with/into the thread here:

laure roux Apr 8, 2015

I was wondering the same thing, I think it would indeed make sense as this question is part of the bigger issue related to military activity.

Harry blain what do you think?

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Harry Blain Apr 9, 2015

Agreed, it would fit well under military activity.

laure roux Apr 11, 2015

Harry blain, de Gautier has added your idea in a clause in his idea he mentions to add a new close in one of his comment. If his comment embrace your idea can I close it?

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Harry Blain Apr 11, 2015

Yes, go for it.