constitutional democracy

what we need is an elected head of state, as for what type that should be decided by the populace through a referendum with two choices an executive presidency or a ceremonial presidency, the former royal family would be allowed the right to vote and stand for election if they wish, the lords would be replaced by a regionally elected legislature, the house of commons also needs to be remodelled on the modern horsehoe design. we also need a freedom of information act with a 30yr benchmark for all public documents especially census and military records, as well as a national official title but not the united kingdom and we need a choice of national anthems or at least a new national anthem   

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Fiona Condon Apr 5, 2015

You raise an interesting point that the roayal family would be be allowed to vote. I had taken that for granted as they would no longer be in a separate category from the rest of us.

Ruobing Wang Apr 5, 2015

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Titus Alexander Apr 17, 2015

I support a ceremonial head of state as in Ireland and Germany, who is above the political fray and can represent the country to itself and abroad. The current queen actually does this well, but the hereditary principle has no place in a democracy. 

I would also suggest finding another word for our head of state than president: the People's Champion perhaps - although that does make it seem partisan. Perhaps the Speaker, who could be elected, or some other term which expresses public service, listen and support rather than 'head'.