Sunset Clause for New Laws

Any new law shall have a "sunset clause" in that it will expire after a speciifed period of time, without further action by Parliament.  Thus if a law is not favorable or not successful, Parliament would not use their time or resources to vacate the law, rather it will terminate on its own automatically.  Alternatively, if a future Parliament deems a law to be a good law, then it can be re-debated (and perhaps amended as well) and re-vive that law to a new specified term, before another future Parliament must again re-vive it.

As far as old laws already in statute, it may be difficult to have a "sunset clause" for them considering the hundreds of years some laws have been in existence, and the valuable resources to be used to re-vive old laws.  But if those too would get a "sunset clause", due to the sheer volume of laws on the books, a much longer period for a "sunset clause" must go into effect.

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