A Chairperson for the Republic without a monarch or a prime minister

Instead of a head of state, a chairperson should be elected for a fixed term. This chairperson will be responsible for keeping the order of the proceedings that include the reading and debate of any proposed legislation within the senate. When they decide that enough time is given to the legislation, the chairperson will call on the delegates to vote on it (they act on behalf of the congresses that stand for the direct interests of the Republics citizens). If passed, the chairperson will have it entered into the statutes of the Republic and made law. If not passed it will be sent back to the parliaments of the congresses for amendment. 


At the moment we are being ruled by the particular interests of the corporations, not a collective of diverse interests. Call these the congresses of the peoples interests, these should vote for delegates to represent the acts and bills drafted by their legislators. Within the senate or parliament, the delegates vote for a chairperson who keeps order and signs off any bills and acts passed by it so the civil servants can implement them. Only in this way can the citizens avoid prescribed laws and procedures that undermine their rights. Without these their can only be a regression to a more primitive state of being; military conflict, financial instability, poverty, hunger and disease!

edited on Apr 16, 2015 by Paul Healey
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