UK law to supersede European law

The UK Constitution should proclaim that UK law shall supersede European law and/or ECHR Court rulings.  Once this is enacted, Parliament could either:

1)  repeal The European Communities Act 1972, thereby making European law unenforcable in the UK;  and/or repeal the European Convention on Human Rights;  or if that is not feasible or realistic

2)  the UK negotiate in all future European treaties and European laws that language be inserted in the actual text of said future treaties and laws that the UK Supreme Court be the final Judicial authority to rule on matters involving just UK litigants.  (If those provisions can't be negotiated, then the UK should not vote for said treaty or law).  (Also, if one litigant is a non-UK citizen, then it can be tricky as to which Court's ruling prevails).    

With option 2, of course all past European treaties and laws would have the European Courts rulings prevail, as presently required.

edited on Jan 25, 2015 by laure roux
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