Power of Recall - the ability to sack 'wayward' MPs

This is not a new idea. Indeed, despite its inclusion as a pledge in their coalition agreement, the Con-Dems have failed to introduce the so-called "power of recall" - a system whereby an MP's constituents can 'sack' an MP for "serious wrong-doing" (by forcing a by-election). Such a system must include checks and balances to ensure it is not abused, but "serious wrong-doing" should include not only such things as criminal activity, but also not following through on pre-election promises.

The checks and balances proposed by the coalition were, I think, based on a requirement that 10% of an MP's constituents sign a petition. This might work reasonably well for our current first-past-the-post constituency based voting system, but would need expanding if it is to include MPs elected under a Proportional Representation system - any suggestions how it could be implemented under a PR system?

Malcolm Ramsay Apr 12, 2015

There is a broader proposal for recall in the Elections section – https://constitutionuk.com/post/87782 – with a bit more discussion going on. Should this be combined with that one?

Jake Wellman Apr 13, 2015

Thanks for noting this connection, Malcolm Ramsey. 

I have tagged the users of both ideas in hopes that they can discuss a final proposal to move forward on this stage. There may be two separate proposals, one that concerns the implications for Parliament of such a rule, and another concerning the election procedure itself.

-JWellman, moderator

Fiona Condon Apr 18, 2015

Does this overlap with Recall mechanism of all elected politicians?