Whilst I am not opposed to givng local authorities as much power as they can handle what I am concerned about is oversight. 

There must be a means for ensuring that Councils are acting within their delegated powers and are not performing an abuse of power by denying citizens there rights in order to make the administration of the Council easier.

Currently this is performed by Goverment/ Civil service oversight and Judicial Review.  I see nor eason why that could not continue but I would suggest perhaps expanding a citizens right to challenge the decision of their local council by having a lower level form of judicial intervention something that was available to any individual, was actionable without showing loss and imposed a fine on the authority (payable to the claimant) and allowed for immediate Judical Review to follow free of charge to the applicant.

I think this would help to prevent a lot of petty tyranny ennacted, often purely negligently, by local officails over those that they govern.      

edited on Mar 23, 2015 by Edward Jones

Edward Jones Apr 11, 2015

Now we've entered the refining phase, how do you think this idea could be refined and take into account the comments from the 'Hacking the Conent' phase in a concise proposition?

  Please continue to vote for/against ideas and feel free to change you original vote.

Decuman Apr 11, 2015

Local Government, in virtue of their decision making powers, will have sufficient oversight to ensure that there is no abuse of power or the denial of rights to citizens.

  • A citizen, or a group of citizens, will have the right to challenge a decision made by the local government authority.
  • This challenge can be achieved through a Judicial intervention on a local government level.
  • No penalty will be made to the citizen, or group of citizens, in raising this challenge.
  • Adequate compensation can be made awarded to the citizen, or groups of citizens, if there challenge is successful.
  • A Judicial Review will be made immediately available to the claimant free of charge after the completion of the challenge.

Andrew Cullyer Apr 14, 2015

I +1 Decuman  but would like to offer an alternative means of achieving oversight: 

There shall be empowered an Inspectorate of Local Authorities which shall receive complaints from the public/Business/central Government investigate them and publish the results of their investigation and findings they shall be empowered:

- to fine the LA

-  to award compensation to those who have suffered loss from the LA budget

- to Qaush any decision of the LA

- to re-decide any issue correctly

- to offer advice to councils as to how such decisions should be reached in the future.

- to replace any LA authority member or bring criminal charges against that member where they have acted in a manner that is either criminal or on the balance of probabilities is such conduct that means they ought to be removed.