A government for the state

Manifesto defining a government for the Delegate Party:

Within the Republic the government shall consist of delegates, each one being elected from the congress of their direct interest. 

Any person has the right to register a direct interest in their profession or work. Once registered any other person may become a member of that congress. If they register an interest in any other congress this will not increase their votes within it.

Once formed, the members of the congress may propose and vote for legislation to be presented to a senate or parliament by their delegates.

Each delegate shall present the acts and bills of their congress to be read by the other delegates. This will include those that register a direct interest in forming local councils or even support a democracy consisting of parties and or a monarch or any other major alteration to the constitution.


The delegates shall elect a chairperson who will take responsibility for keeping order within the proceedings, so it can be determined by counting their votes whether their proposed legislation will be passed or not. Once passed it enters into the statute books and becomes law until further amendments are made which might alter it. 




edited on Apr 13, 2015 by Paul Healey
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