Isn't the supremacy of the ECHR a good thing?

There has been an amount of discussion surrounding the need to clarify the position of the UK Supreme Court, given the binding nature of decisions made at a European level. While I agree that this is something that should be made explicitly clear, I wonder why it is so often discussed (particularly in the media) as if the binding nature of European decisions is a bad thing. Shouldn't we consider it a good thing that if any government within the EU, including our own, infringes upon human liberties, we have an option to have our voices heard elsewhere?

Tom Austin Apr 11, 2015

Yes it is.

John Z Apr 12, 2015

Tom, we disagree again.

Tom Austin Apr 12, 2015

Ah John. It is most likely that this Proposal is the one to have us both 'retire to our tents', the very last straw to sunder our burgeoning conviviality.

Because, were there to be the least hint of 'common ground' your arguments would crumble away.

The idea of 'Umpire' is not totally to do with having somewhere to hang your 'Jersey' [My little joke]. In fact it is fairly common practice for we who are steeped in the culture of Britain to call upon a third party to witness the terms of any wager, and to ensure 'fair play'.

I, of course, would argue that, for the whole of Europe and beyond, this is exactly why the ECHR is so thoroughly British in it's conception and operation.

And yet, there may be light at the end of the tunnel: It may be that you are not big on Cricket, just like me. So perhaps we are united in ignorance?

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Ian Smith Apr 12, 2015

The ECHR and ECtHR are good things which have played a huge role in curbing the excesses of states in Europe including the UK.  

The ECtHR does not sit supreme over the UK. It is just a court which our constitution delegates decision-making to, having contributed heavily to its establishment and continuing to supply a judge on an ongoing basis.  The same goes for other international courts to whom we are also signed up.

None of this tramples over ultiimate UK sovereignty as the UK has the right to withdraw its delegation to those international courts.  

So, I think that you can all claim to be satisfied in some sense!

Kind regards