Death Penalty. Any thoughts?

This topic is controversial, but I would like to take an unscientific informal poll of the LSE community on the death penalty.  I would phrase the proposal as follows:

 “Every person shall have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  But if one person is found by the Courts to have taken the life of another person, then Parliament is authorized to enact laws taking away the Life, Liberty, and/or Pursuit of Happiness of the guilty person.”

 This provision does not re-instate the death penalty per se, but rather it merely authorizes Parliament to re-instate it if they so choose in the limited circumstance of homicide (for murder, not mere manslaughter, in which the person is positively identified;  but the politics of the day will dictate the specific details).  Also, this provision implies that the conviction went through the Appellate process, and it was not overturned (which is why the provison references "Courts" as a plural).  But as mentioned in the section on Europe, there will likely be a clash between this provision and the European Convention on Human Rights, for which the UK must ultimately decide whether it wants to be bound by Europe, or whether the UK actually wants to re-claim its sovereignty and legislate within its own borders

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