Each member state of the UK should be allocated home rule priveleges in a fully fledged federal system

Harry Blain Apr 11, 2015

Nice, simple wording here. There is definitely room to integrate this with other ideas for federalism, e.g.





Tom Austin Apr 11, 2015

I'm dead-against this. [full stop!]

Michael Ward Apr 11, 2015

Hi Tom, as we're just refining ideas in this stage any further critique of the actual ideas being proposed will have to wait until the next phase. Never fear however, everyone will get their chance to express themselves then

Tom Austin Apr 12, 2015

'refining'? Surely, this is a one-liner Proposal, and all provisos I could suggest could only render the Proposal null and void. In any event, it is only through commenting that this Proposal is pointed-up to 'subscribers'. For, if nobody drops by it may go through on-the-nod.

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Ian Smith Apr 12, 2015

I suggest replacing "member state" with "part" and removing "fully fledged" might help this gain support.

Kind regards


Michael Ward Apr 17, 2015

Since there is not long left in the refining phase here's a proposal for a more concise form of this idea, taking into account a similar idea proposed by Wendreda here: https://constitutionuk.com/post/82175?forPhase=6556 .

"The United Kingdom shall be a federal state made up of the four Home Nations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each Home Nation shall have an elected Parliament of its own with powers to pass legislation and levy taxes. These Parliaments shall each have equal constitutional status and shall be separate and distinct from the Parliament of the United Kingdom which shall legislate on reserved matters and act as a revising chamber."

This is just a suggestion as there is only one day remaining in the refining phase. As always, keep your comments and critiques coming!

Ian Smith Apr 18, 2015

If we are to become a federal state, I think that Michael's suggested wording above is perfect.

Kind regards,