The importance of the Queen

In my opinion the importance of the Queen has mixed significance. Personally I think having a Monarch gives our country strength, but I also have little knowledge on what other purpose a reigning Queen serves.

I may be shot down here but I think it is very much a generation problem - we just aren't as patriotic as we used to be.

I'm now 23 and have experienced a number of key milestones in our Monarch, most importantly the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Yes we had a party and celebrated but I'm not sure I really understood the significance, to me it was just a party. Perhaps it's ignorance but I failed to see the grandeur and importance of this event. Whereas my Dad and Grandparent's could not have been more full of joy.

My point is that there is simply a lack of education surrounding the Monarch and its importannce to our country. We need to be able to instil a better sense of patriarchy into our nation.There is very much a need and a place for a British Monarch in 2015 but if there was to be a constitution, I believe it should state that school curriculum should include educating children about the Monarch; the importance of the Monarch, what they do and the purpose they serve.


edited on Feb 9, 2015 by David Taylor
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