The Elimination of Most Titles. (Any thoughts?)

As mentioned in prior comments and some prior “ideas”, the Monarchy has a high approval rating and the portion of the people who want to eliminate it is approximately 20%, as such, the Monarchy shall remain as it is very popular. 

That being said, regarding individuals who are lower in the Line of Succession and who have no realistic chance of becoming Monarch (absent a huge tragedy that eliminates multiple individuals who are higher in the Line of Succession), those people’s Royal Titles and/or Noble Titles shall be eliminated.  Parliament shall have the authority to enact legislation as to how low on the Line of Succession Titles shall remain, and at what point they will be eliminated.  (For example, Royal Titles and/or Noble Titles shall remain for the top 20 in the Line of Succession;  of these people, some may later become “relegated” out of a Title as new births bump out some people out of the top 20).

Any thoughts?

edited on Feb 14, 2015 by Ruobing Wang
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