The confederation (or Commonwealth) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Great Britain or Britian needs some adjustment in terms of how various groups within this country feel about this 'united kingdom' . Devolution has presented problems in relation to devolved powers and the confusion caused by partial devolution of powers that the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland have and are experiencing.  I would stress that 'confederation' stresses union , created by treaty, dealing with issues relating to the 'commonwealth' of all members with pparticular reference to issues that cannot or should not be devolved (defence, foreign affairs, relations with with other organisations e.g. EU, NATO etc). An adjustment in the terms relating to a 'confederation' might act to address the growing disparity that seems to be growing within the devolved administrations but this notin should be extended, most iimportantly to English regions. I live in Wales which has an elements of a devolved government but I would not wish to cut ties with other areas of Britain 

Michael Ward Apr 11, 2015

This is a popular idea and could possibly be refined by incorporating the following very similar ideas. Let me know what you think

Harry Blain Apr 14, 2015

Are there any edits/amendments you'd like to make to this Gavin? Anyone else have thoughts?