Single Object Clause (One topic per law)

It is theoretically possible for Parliament to pass a bill to become law that includes multiple unrelated topics.  (For example, a defense bill could include spending on not just the military, but also roads, hospitals, schools, etc...).  This is a sly method of legislating by including items that individually may not have the legislative support to be enacted, but by grouping these items into one legislative bill, it will include a little something for multiple constituencies, which will result in universal support so that bill may pass and become law.

To avoid such improper acts of combining in one legislative bill such things that have no proper relation to each other, the UK Constitution shall provide that each law shall reference one topic only, which shall be expressly stated in the title.  Therefore, each individual topic will be introduced in one individual legislative bill, which will be debated and judged on its own individual merit, as opposed to being grouped with other unrelated items and merely being enacted because of those other topics.

edited on Feb 9, 2015 by Jake Wellman

John Z Apr 6, 2015

"Any statute that Parliament enacts shall be limited to one topic, for which the topic shall be expressly stated in the title of the statutory provision".

The purpose of this provision is state above.

Any thoughts or input from this crowd?


Fiona Condon Apr 13, 2015

I am very much against legilation being slipped in undercover but can't parliament deal with this by debate and amendments. It is, perhaps, too much detail for the constitution.