Federating the UK

The UK Parliament at Westminster is to all intents the English Parliament and has an overwhelming majority in England's favour. The idea of a union of equals as represented by the current set up is a lie of the highest order.

England is predominently reactionary in its political stance as seen in the ever rightward drift of politics in England currently manifest in the growth of support for UKIP. It is very unlikely the English electorate would support the creation of say four federated regions of England: Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex and Sussex no matter how much this would make sense in terms of a federated UK.

Thus any solution based on federation would be along 'national lines' and require the House of Lords to be abolished and turned into a UK Senate with an English compenent so set up to enable them to be outvoted by the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. The UK Supreme Court would become the constitutional court of the UK Federation to interpret the UK Federal Constitution

The current parliament at Westminster would revert to being the English Parliament which would then have a referendum to agree how this parliament should be elected - as present or using the D'Hondt method currently used in the devolved assemblies.

The Senate would only have power over those issues ceceded to it by the Federated Nation States such as defence, international finance, EU and foreign affairs (for example) to which purpose each of the federated state would pay a pro-rata proportion either from its own tax income or as the form of a federal tax on the individual income earner to fund the senate and its expenditure. Each of the federated nation states would set their own taxes and public service budgets for items such as police, judiciary, enterprise, health, education and welfare and functions not covered by the UK Senate's expenditure.

The West Lothian question is resolved and matters of the UK's joint interest protected.

If England did agree the four federated state option then Wales could be a fifth federated state of England which may make sense in terms of the constant application of English Law. In this latter case Westminster would become the parliament of Sussex, with York for Northumbria, Wells for Wessex and Manchester for Mercia.

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