No active participation in war

it's saying I wish the world would view the British identity as a peace loving country . it would be why can't we have a world military ( I know Otherwise known as the United Nations who do that but from reports are under equipped to deal with the Congo peaxe efforts let alone falsely invaden countries that were happy to carry on under the regime they were in )


so a world s police or military and reallt declaring we are a peace loving country . We spend money on wars which could be used to fund charities ( as there are allot of charities in the UK ! ) so why don't we use that money on better dealing with issues like underground transport roads ( we are to b fracking soon ) 

Bringing a rule that there are only two cars per household as its needed . Road blocks do not help people , business move and get the most out of life and also a further drain on petrol or fossil fueld which we are going to antartic for.

we are a peace loving country . World peace please 


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