oldies 35 + V youngsters 16-25 V the inbetweeners 25-35

why are the government trying to get all youngsters into work is it because they can pay them less,get them apprenticeships,get them on training courses etc, that includes the employers of jobs,what about use oldies over 35 who are put on government schemes after government schemes.

WHY, dont they think that us oldies can do the job oh right we cost them more money to employ us even though we got the experiance to do the job, its just that they want youngsters so they can pay them less, YES they will do the job etc but they will leave or they will phone up to say they are ill after the night before,dont get me wrong im not saying all youngsters are like that even the older ones do the same its just when you apply for a job even though you can do what it says on advert the employer perfers the youngsters and dont say they dont, when they do, you can apply for 20-40 or more jobs a day you only get maybe 1 or2 replies back saying sorry but.... im on a government scheme all we do 5 days a week is job search from 9.30 -5.00 it does get boring when you go over things that you all ready know like:CV writing,to fill out applications, how to conduct yourself in a interview thats if you get one etc you can go over these things over and over again but that dont get us a job,they say we get you on projects while your here or get you out there in the comminity to help you find work thats a joke, we cant even go on placements like charity shops, non profit places because they dont want you loosing your benifit because you might get sanctioned for not turning up or your late and you forgot to phone them to tell them,they dont want the responsibility for that happening yes if you do that in a job you might get the sack ,some one i know forgot to tell them that they wouldnt coming in because she was at the hospital with her sick child she got sanctioned but she did appeal and won if she didnt she would have to wait 8 wks for her money sometimes longer in that time you start to get into debt.

The inbetweeners as I call them they got 50/50 chance to get a job,where i am the group has more people over 35 then the 16-25 and a few 25-35 YES some have gone and got a job but they where the under 25s.I will give you a example 4 people go for a interview 3 wont get it,the job was sales assistant say 1 has years of experience,1 is just left university,1 has just left school and 1 has some experiance but willing to train who would get the job...it will be the school leaver because yes they can train him, yes they be cheaper, yes they can get money off the government to help them train,that employer has got all the help to get that person trained but the government will not pay for the older person to train because its to much compared to the younger person,thats the facts because these 4 people came from the group im with.

YES you think I'm moaning but its true. It's not just me everybody in this group feels the same way specially the over 35s it feels that we are left on the scrap heap.

edited on Feb 13, 2015 by Noita Sadler
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