Leave the European Union before it becomes the United States of Europe!


I do not believe in a written constitution as I am more than happy with the way this country is now. I am a citizen of the Untied Kingdom and want to stay as one.

I think that the United Kingdom should withdraw from the European Union! I voted to join the Common Market which was originally put to a referendum in the UK in 1973 to see if the country wanted to join a trading market. It had originally been set up in 1957 by France, West Germany, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. I think it was first mooted by West Germany and France because they didn't want to go to war any more after two world wars so they thought if they had a trading block it would stop any further wars between the two countries. France's president De Gaulle blocked the UK's entry basically because he didn't like the English, I believe. I most certainly did not sign the referendum for this country to become part of a United Sates of Europe, which is way it now seems to be heading! Nor have I had an opportunity to vote for any of the, now, European Union's current legislation which seems to having more and more control over this countries legislator and laws.

The United Kingdom is a sovereign state and we should govern ourselves not be subjects of people from other countries who decide laws to be implemented in this country, but who we have never voted for!

By all means, let's have a more open relationship with other countries including the United States!

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