Federal UK

Form a federal UK withe a more equal governmental system. It is high time England had much more (or even some?) say in it's own affairs. The silly system that we have now, whereby a mess of doifferent governments with varying powers, overlap, bias and over- representation (Scotland) and under-representation (England) could be sorted with a written constitution determoming excatly who we are and how we should be governed more fairly.

No other country seems to quite have the messy state of affairs that the UK has. Is the UK a country or is that left to Scotland ? What is Wales and N.Ireland and why does England have absilutly no representation of it's own either locally or in Westminster.

The mess needs sorting.

Edward Jones Apr 11, 2015

Now we've entered the refining phase, how do you think this idea could be refined to a more concise proposition and take into account the comments from the 'Hacking the Content' phase?

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