Local money for local decisions to meet local needs- decentralisation

The idea,is that more wealth stays in the communities it is generated, with local people having more of a say how it is spent.

Devolution requires a level of economic empowerment to regions and local communities and need not require huge expense. 20% minimum of revenue generated in a UK city or rural community should remain in that community. How money is spent by local and regional adminstrations should be fully accountable and transparent, with more participatory democracy over how this money is spent to meet local needs.

Channeling revenue into London for centralisated decision making as happens now, disempowers peoples and can limit local social and economic sustainability. More graduates move to London than stay in the places they were born or studied. Time to empower cities and communities outside central London. This includes all sorts of things such as better connectivity like better broadband and rail services but it also includes a more even distribution of resources across regions with more choices made locally to who will be affected by them.


We have one of the most centralised 'democratic' systems in the world. According to recent RSA research only 6% to 7% of money generated in our cities stays there. The rest goes to London where the decisions are made. (In conparison New York 50% keeps wealth generated.We are then told there is not enough money for basic services.) This is part of the 'there is no alternitave' austerity lie.

Local wealth being used to meet local needs could include decisions on local community energy provision, (with more community co-ownership over renewables). Local participatory decisions should also inform affordable, energy efficient homes of the size and type needed (family, single occupancy, couple etc) and where these are most appropriate. Funding for community projects and arts should also be devolved into local hands. Cuurently most arts funding stays in London.    

My idea is in line with Green Party backing a People's Constitution and a decentralised governing structure that puts more power in the hands of local people to make local decisions to fit local needs.

Debra Storr Apr 5, 2015

This chimes well with my devolution without funding is a fraud.  

Harry Blain Apr 14, 2015

Yes, it does Debra. Given Antonia has not updated the idea since the refining phase, the moderators (Michael and I) will take control of editing it in the final few days - unless of course she would like to return to it. I certainly agree, though, that this can come under "devolution without local funding is a fraud." I'm also interested to hear other thoughts on this?

P Terry Apr 18, 2015

I like the idea of private sector devolution - more control of companies by employees.

I worry that my state pension or right to unemployment pay might be managed by a region or a council rather than a big national ministry.