Strengthen the select committees?

It seems odd that there is no mention yet of the Select Committees. Margaret Hodge in particular gets a lot of attention in the media, and although I gather the government always has a majority I think the fact that they have their own chair person who may not be from a government party greatly improves the public perception of the House of Commons.

I think they do a good job and I wonder whether they need to be strengthened further and if so how. It seems to me that their independence from government and the additional clout they give Parliament as a whole should be reflected in the constitution. If not them, their function needs to be included in the UK parliament and any national parliaments.

edited on Feb 16, 2015 by Alan Ray-Jones

Jake Wellman Apr 13, 2015

Hi Alan Ray-Jones, 


Do you have specific text in mind for your idea?


-JWellman, moderator

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Jake Wellman Apr 17, 2015

How about this suggestion for final text?

"Parliament shall organise itself into committees to investigate and advise on matters of national interest."