The fate of the monarchy

The role of the monarch which was re-established in the 17th century whilst acting as some sort of 'guarantee' in relation to the 'unwritten' constitutinon has provided stability in terlaw the judiciary and other aspects of British life. 

However, it has also facililitated a class based oe even 'ridden' society where citizens are 'subjects' . I am subject to the laws of the/these countries that constitute Britain. Apparently, the monarchy acts as the final 'guarantor' our 'constitution' . In effect, the monarchy will still have to do as they are to do as they are 'told' by political masters'! 

Perhaps, they might be an argument which allow the present monarch to finish her term and allow a potential written constitution containing a bill of rights to suprecede the role. The particular 'deference' given quite cravenly to this 'particular' part of the public institution in Britain whilst allowing that institution to 'whither on the vine'  might allow for a more expansive view of 'popular' democracy? To be exact, what exactly does the Queen do? Opens Parliament, represents Britain abroad, signs acts of Parliament, mpeople other Heads of state, etc. etc.! She is also one of the richest ladies in the world. Sort of like a 'show business ' head of state? 

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