Oath of Allegiance

A democratic constitution will have to revise existing oaths of allegiance.

Those elected to parliament must swear to serve their constituents and uphold the democratic constitution.

Those serving in armed forces must pledge allegiance to parliament and defend the democratic constitution.

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Daniel Gaunt Apr 5, 2015

How might such an oath be worded? 

Would this include a restriction on other pledges? People regularly pledge allegiance to other causes or organisations (religions, freemasonry, etc), sometimes in direct contravention of the aims of the Constitution. 

This has  important historical parallels - it was for swearing oaths to each other that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were deported to Australia. 

James Doran Apr 11, 2015

My intention was to change existing oaths connected to the state rather than proscribe oaths of loyalty to organisations in civil society.

Gavin Russ Apr 11, 2015

Hi James, how would this work in the crown court. I appreciate that perhaps you are asking for a general oath relating to loyalty to the constitution ... Or perhaps not? I would ddefinitely prefer a single oath with the principles of the core constitution at its heart but it may have to have 'adjustments' for various purposes? 

James Doran Apr 12, 2015

That sounds about right. For example, it isn't appropriate for oaths sworn by anyone other than those tasked with defence roles to mention parliament.

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