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I believe the only sensible solution to the political quandary over devolution and 'English votes for English laws' is to make the UK a federation. A written constitution would determine what was the sole prerogative of the UK parliament (at least foreign policy and defence), all other matters falling to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies. I would like to see an English assembly and administration based somewhere other than London, preferably in the north. The House of Lords should be replaced with a senate whose members are elected by each constituent country of the UK. The number of seats and/or criteria for a passing majority should be set in such a way as to counterbalance the perpetual English majority among MPs.

Harry Blain Apr 11, 2015

This idea can also be linked with Federal Britain's proposal and the plan to move parliament north 

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Michael Ward Apr 11, 2015

It can also be linked to these ideas

steveg33 Apr 11, 2015


Thanks for connecting these ideas. However, I would not wish to lose a key element of the Move Parliament North idea - which would be to reinforce UK unity. Whereas I think the 'English Assembly' idea is more likely to lead to the break up of the UK (due to the dominance of England vs other regions)

Harry Blain Apr 14, 2015

Charles has not returned to edit this idea - so like others which have been left in the refinement phase - Michael and I will take over editing as and when useful, or until Charles returns to it. Let us know of further amendments or ideas.